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News: much is happening here & OSMO is arriving!


News: much is happening here & OSMO is arriving! 1
If you wandered by our warehouse lately, you would be hard pressed not to notice that there are many changes afoot. We just purchased our first machining center and we had to basically move everything in the workshop at least once, sometimes twice, to make room. And since the electricans are coming anyway, we are adding big ceiling fans too. Also a compressor, and lots of miscellaneous things like a refractometer in order to tell us the condition of the machine coolant.

It's all very exciting!

But just to make it interesting, I am writing this after a week of staying home sick battling the flu. Other staff members are sick too. I feel okay today, other than feeling the effects of not having eaten a proper meal all week, but I thought it would be prudent to stay at home.

Being sick and short-staffed, especially with the machining center coming, is not only cruddy of itself, but also made us realize at the last minute that we were not in a position to do the New Jersey Woodworkers Show next weekend. We're disappointed - we always have a good time at the show, but we know it's important to know your limits. For example, in order to be ready for the show we have to set up show inventory for packing. Since I was out sick, I couldn't do this. And the person who sets up the booth for the show has also been under the weather. This sets up a whole cascade of events. So sadly it's not happening this year. :(

Meanwhile other things are chugging along at TFWW. Festool prices go up on March 1, so if you were planning a purchase anyway do it now. The big change for Festool is that all the vacuums (except the Autoclean) will start coming with smooth hoses. And the hose garage has improved too. Cost have gone up, so getting the older versions might be your choice, but we will have new models to sell on March 1st.

If you are in the neighborhood feel, free to stop by the showroom on Friday the 2nd (8 AM -5 PM) or Saturday (11 AM -5 PM) we will have snacks and other treats.

Also finally, I'm delighted to announce that Osmo finishing supplies are arriving this week. We have been trying to carry this line of environmentally aware and durable hardwax oils for a while and now we have succeeded. Watch our site or stop by to check Osmo out!

ps - That's our new compressor and tank coming off a truck from our local compressor dealer, Murlynn Compressor. Gerry has been great putting together a deal for us that made sense.

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Glad to hear you're going to be carrying the new OSMO finishes, hopefully you'll sell it in small quantity for us one man shops! Since the 70's I've always used Watco Danish oil by wet sanding multiple coats and the results on furniture was amazing. Unfortunately EPA regulations have changed the formula of Watco so much it doesn't perform like it used to. I've used the OSMO Polyx Oil on a few projects and really like the results as do my clients! I've attached a link to my website showing a method I used on a recent bookcase.
02/25/2018 Kenneth De Witt
So sorry to read you are not going to the meadowlands this weekend. I enjoy your blog so much I hoping to say hello. Get better, some day I will make the Brooklyn run. I grew up in Bushwick in the 40's and 50's and even rode my bike to the 69th st ferry to get to Statin Island. Lived in Murry Hill in the early 70's
and can relate to so many of your posts.
02/26/2018 Harley Leonard
Osmo, being a high wax product does not work like most finishes. Using a glue brush that has been cut off
scrub the Osmo into the wood until the excess has been eliminated. I usually use a stain color and after
one coat the finish is almost complete.
02/26/2018 Rob
Great news on the OSMO!
02/28/2018 Eric Weissman

Congratulations on your machining center and sorry you’ve been sick. I have used Oslo products for years and just want to let your customers know they are terrific.

Eric Weissman
Bainbridge Island. WA
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