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There are two basic theories about the best way to clean up glue. The first theory, which I don't exactly subscribe to, is to wash off the glue while it's still wet. I don't like this because I find glue saturates the grain of the wood and it's really hard to get a really clean surface that you can finish. What I do - theory #2 - is scrape off the glue after once it has dried most of the way so it won't smear. (If it's bone dry then there is a chance of taking off wood while scraping). Some woodworkers use a cabinet scraper for this task, but to me there's no point in risking damaging a finely-tuned cabinet scraper for a relatively mundane task, and the extra leverage and control that a proper glue scraper with a handle gives you really makes the job go faster. Made in Germany.
Note: After edge joining boards you should always scrape hardened glue from the joint before surfacing the joined boards in a planer. Hardened glue can chip planer blades.  

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