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Stabila Inch and Metric Tape Measures

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  Tape Measures
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It’s rare to find a tape measure that can be considered remarkable, though we’re not completely surprised that Stabila, maker of internationally superior levels, has pulled it off. Still not the most handsome of objects (what we expect with contemporary tape measures), the Stabila Tape Measure at least falls on the inoffensive end of that spectrum, and has such a pleasant personality you’ll end up loving it the way some folks love pugs.

The Stabila Tape Measure has a rugged case with the de rigueur rubber coating, which functions well at gripping your hand or the piece it rests on. The tape itself has a grit-resistant coating and a matte, low-glare finish that is easy on the eyes and hands. The scale is cleverly printed on the face and back of the blade, allowing use of the tape as a straightedge with the concave side down.

The hook is notable as well - Stabila added a “Spikes” pad for gripping the workpiece over long distance. We’ve found this particularly helpful when quickly sizing up a stack of long boards; only once was it a detriment, when a freshly-painted, high-gloss cabinet needed measuring. In that case, we simply used the measure upside down, as the tape is marked on both sides. The hook is also inset into the tape, making the first inch of markings more visible and reducing the need to burn an inch.

This is already more prattle than is required of a <$20 tool; it should still be mentioned that the Stabila Tape Measure is accuracy verified, Class II.

Designed in Germany, made in China or Malaysia.

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By: Charles Zang (May, 2018)
I own a high end residential custom cabinet shop for 27 years. we have always used Lufkin tapes for their 100% accuracy. but because all our levels are Stabila we decided to buy their 16ft tapes. we have dropped two of these with in a year and a half and both of them broke at the thumb tape stop. Then as a gift we gave a contractor we do work for a 16' and 33' and he told me with in a week he dropped the 16' and the button broke on his as well, i was embarrassed. But we like the way they feel in our hands and they have a quality Stabila brand behind them, but unless they redesign these tapes they will be last we buy.
I own this product.
great for framing
By: Michael (Jan, 2017)
Great for stud framing, very thankful for the &quot;Spikes&quot;, which make latching onto the top plate or edge of drywall real easy. The scale itself has a rugged feel, and is trusted-accurate. Dropped my 16ft. from a scaffold and the button reasonably broke off, but I like the action of the tape and the scale enough to keep using it without the lock option.
I own this product.
By: Seth Capista (Sep, 2016)
I have been using stabilia levels for years so I jumped at the opportunity to buy two 33' tapes for a timber frame project. The spikes feature works fantastically and can grip at funny angles while you move around, however the rest of the tape is a hot mess and I am shocked that stabilia would brand their name on it. With in hours the first tape split down the seam and the stabilia logo actually fell off. The belt hook is attached in a very chincy way and while the tapes were still functioning would periodically fall off of each of them. The recoil is so strong that if the tape is not perfectly straight while it winds back up it kinks the hook end and eventually both of mine broke off. This all took course over several days. I could not be more displeased with this product. Back to the fat max for the 30' tape.
I own this product.

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