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Occidental Leather 2575 Oxy Pro Work Vest

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Occidental Leather
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Occidental Leather 2575 Oxy Pro Work Vest
Occidental Leather 2575 Oxy Pro Work Vest

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The Occidental Leather Oxy Pro Work Vest is super-comfortable and super-durable. It features an open-back design for air circulation and 28 pockets and tool holders to carry all the bits, tools and accessories you need. Durability is ensured with stress points, edges and pockets reinforcement with nylon.

Tool vests are a great alternative for anyone who finds tool belts uncomfortable or fatiguing. Your shoulders, rather than your back and hips, bear the weight - and do so with nice balance. You won’t get snagged as you might with tools hanging off a belt, and you won’t spend your time yanking up your pants.

So your drill, phone, squares, tape measures, pencils, pliers, nails, screws,pincers, nut driver, small notebook, pencils, catspaw, screwdrivers, putty knives, voltage detectors, markers, bits, rasps, chisels, stud finders, etc. etc. can find a secure, readily accessible home while you work. You’ll look professional and work more efficiently.

One size fits most (the Vest is on the generous side). Right-handed design. Made in USA.

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