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Pocket Caddy

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Occidental Leather
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Pocket Caddy
Pocket Caddy - Look Ma, No Belt!
Pocket Caddy
Pocket Caddy

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All too often we’ll start in on a project, and before the hour is up there’s half a toolbox poking out of our jeans’ pockets. If we’re just around the shop or doing a quick repair, there’s no sense in strapping into a full tool belt - the Occidental Leather Pocket Caddy is ideal for keeping your tools organized and on your person, and for keeping your back pockets free of screwdriver holes.

The Pocket Caddy is made from Occidental’s premium, durable leather, stitched by expert hands and reinforced with carefully placed rivets. With four tool holders, the Pocket Caddy carries pliers, drivers, chisels, a utility knife, etc. without damaging your clothes or the tools.

The Caddy can be slipped into a back or front pocket and is held there snug, or your can loop the snap hook around your belt (up to 2”) for extra security. Pair this with a Drill Holster and your everyday belt is ready for any weekend job. Overall dimensions are 6” x 10”.

Made in the USA with American-made materials.

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