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Osmo One Coat Only

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OSMO Hard Waxes and Oil Finishes
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Osmo One Coat Only is a wood finishing oil with enough pigment so that a single coat is sufficient to color, nourish and protect wood. One Coat provides a protective, breathable satin finish to exterior wood that lets the natural wood grain remain visible. Use it on wood decking, garden furniture for protection against UV damage and weathering. It leaves a satin, water repellent finish that reduces the risk of swelling and shrinkage.

One Coat is easy to apply and easy to renew - no sanding or primer necessary. When signs of wear become visible, simply re-apply one coat onto the clean and dry surface. When dry, the finish is safe for humans, plants and animals. Approximate coverage 280 sq ft per liter (one coat). Approximate dry time: 12 hours.

Note: Apply to clean, dry and frost-free surfaces with a moisture content below 20%. Woods with varnish, lacquer or other surface coatings should be sanded down to the bare wood prior to treatment with One Coat. To ensure that the finish can penetrate into the wood surface correctly and for maximum durability, fresh/new, hard or oily wood (high amount of natural extractives) should be exposed to the elements and must be allowed to weather after installation.

If One Coat is applied too thickly, glossy spots may appear. With time, these glossy spots will weather automatically into an even satin look. As with all finishing, test a sample before using.

Certified as suitable for children’s toys as per EN 71.3 (European norm) and resistant to perspiration and saliva in accordance with German DIN 53160 (German industrial norm). Dearomatized mineral white spirit (benzene-free). VOC content: < 250 g/liter, aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Ground shipment only. Made in Germany.

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