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Norton Micro Fiber - Ultimate Reuseable Tack Cloths

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 Dry Tack Cloth - Red - 16" x 16" ($7.95) In Stock
 Polish Tack Cloth - Yellow - 16" x 16" ($7.95) In Stock
 Wet Cleaning Cloth - Blue - 16" x 16" ($7.95) In Stock
I’m not really a tack cloth kind of guy. I don’t like the fact that the traditional tack cloths get dirty and can’t really be cleaned, require special storage, and worst of all, can contaminate a finish. And I’m suspicious of anything invented after 1913. But these tack cloths are impressive. They’re made of a special micro-fiber that acts like a magnet to attract and trap even the smallest particles of dust using a combination of the natural static charge of dust and capillary action. Norton makes these cloths especially for the workshop. The dry tack cloth (red) does a wonderful job of sucking up surface dust without contaminating your finish. The dust isn’t blown into the air (only to settle later onto your finish) and it isn’t smeared around. With a tack cloth you can remove most if not all the surface dust really easily and of course you will actually trap and remove any sanding residue, not just push it around the surface.

The polishing cloth (yellow) is really just like the dry tack cloth only with practically no nape. It doesn’t have an abrasive and is called a polish cloth because it was designed for cleaning smooth surfaces. We have gotten great feedback from customers who like it because it seems to be great with very fine finishing dust. Also, since it has virtually no nape, it doesn’t catch on open pored wood. With less surface area it holds less dust, so it should be used after the dry cloth, not instead of. Another use for the polishing cloth is on the job-site, for wiping down the cabinetry after installation to get rid of any handling dust, etc.

The wet tack cloth (blue) is for more general mop-up and can be used to suck up everything from sawdust to oil. It absorbs up to eight times its weight in water and it may be used with or without cleaning chemicals.

All styles measure 16" x 16" and are hypoallergenic. You can wash and re-use these tack clothes hundreds of times, making it a very economical purchase.
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By: John (Feb, 2016)
How does one order a red (Dry) tack cloth?

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