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Water Bottles for Water Stones

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Found in Departments: Waterstones
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Even a well-soaked water stone requires a periodic splash of water while sharpening. Some people just dunk the entire stone in a tank of water, removing the slurry. This gets messy and overall we think dunking is a bad idea. Some people use some sort of pump sprayer. This has never worked for us. You have to keep pumping: we know some people swear by it, but it's not us. For years we used a cup and just splashed water on the stones - which is great except for half the time when the water just runs down the side of the glass and makes another mess. So when we shot the Norton sharpening video we thought there must be a better solution - if only to avoid the embarrassment of having water run all over the place EXCEPT on the stone. We did a search, and found a plastic bottle we love. It's cheap, it holds a lot of water, and pours it in the right place. The frosting on top is that big sprayers are tall and need to be kept upright, our bottle is small, only 5 1/4" tall and is easy to store along with your stones. Made in USA.
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