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Vintage Stanley Bedrock Planes

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Stanley Bedrock #606C Bench Plane - lateral adjuster missing disk at end of lever. Else G+cancelStanley Bedrock #606C Bench Plane - lateral adjuster missing disk at end of lever. Else G+cancel Stanley Bedrock #606C Bench Plane - lateral adjuster missing disk at end of lever. Else G+ ($185.00) In Stock
The following tools are vintage and are excess to our collection. It is time for us to pass them on to the next generation. All these items are covered by our usual guarantee, although if you decided to modify the tool by (for example) widening the mouth they are no longer returnable.

All of these tools are in reasonable shape as indicated by their grade. Joel has inspected all of these tools and while it is perfectly possible that he missed something (which would be covered by our return policy) handles are unbroken, the tool is complete and usable, and while there may have been light rust in the past all these tools have been inspected, cleaned, and oiled.

None of these tools have been worked on or "restored" to any extent. Planes soles will be flat but possibly not uber-flat.

As each item is unique, items added to your cart will be reserved for 30 minutes. During the time you may continue shopping, but you must complete the checkout process within that time or the item will return to circulation for others to purchase. Synchronize you watch, ready your wallet and plan accordingly.

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For more information on the condition of and item refer to the table below:

NewItem is new but might be dusty, and is probably something we don't sell anymore, decided not to stock, or found after the item was discontinued. Packaging may be damaged but the product is not.
UnusedSlightly dinged up or shopworn from handling.
FineComplete, no obvious signs of wear, probably used a little then returned. If the tool was sharpened it was done correctly.
Good+Tool might have some dents and dings. The tool might have a little rust or tarnish. The cutting edge might need a little work, but the tool is functional and perfectly usable
GoodLike good+ but in a little worse shape.

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