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Veneer Tape

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White 30 gram - 3/4" x 650 ft.* ($5.95) Temporarily unavailable
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 White 30 gram - 3/4" x 1300 ft.* ($10.95) Sold Out
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 White 30 gram - 3/4" x 1300 ft.- Perforated ($13.95) Sold Out
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We realized we are starting to stock a lot of veneering tools, so it made sense to stock a good veneer tape. We asked around and it turns out there is veneer tape, and veneer tape. The tape that is used in industry for veneering panels isn’t necessarily the right choice for decorative marquetry. So we asked Silas Kopf, the leading marqueter in the United States, what he used. He told us that he uses 3/4" wide 30 gram tape exclusively. Gram weight indicates the tape’s thickness, and 30 gram is a very thin tape. The complexity of Silas’ marquetry designs means that the final panel will have layers upon layers of tape. The thinner tape leads for less buildup and easier clamping. And of course thinner tape means there’s less to scrap away. Some people like perforated tape, especially for wide panels, although it’s less suited for marquetry, because you might end up with a critical part of your design under a hole. We also stock other styles of tape for those who are used to using other materials or if you have other uses. The two tapes marked with a "*" are the ones Silas Kopf recommends.

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