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Trewax Transparent Paste Wax

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I first found out about Trewax from Larry Williams of Clark & Williams Planemakers. I asked him how he got the wonderful slick finish on all the Clark & Williams wooden planes. He said, "Trewax." Trewax has the highest percent of Brazilian Carnauba wax of any commercial paste wax. Carnauba is the world's hardest natural vegetable wax, which is why you get such a tough finish with a bright, long-lasting sheen. Itis been on the market since the 1930is, and was originally made for floors, where, if you are going to use paste wax, you want one that will leave a finish with a shine that will hold up to lots of abuse. I have always used paste wax as the final touch on all the furniture I make and this stuff is the best wax I have ever used. The actual wax application is pretty easy - just rub a very thin layer on the wood, wait 5 minutes, and then polish with a clean cloth. If you have a pretty good basic finish, a single coat or two is all you need. The second coat really is a good way of evening out the spots you missed, etc. If you have a thinner original finish, you may want to use three coats. In the shop I keep a rag in the can so I can easily wax the bottoms of my metal planes. It makes them slide like nothing else. The 1 pound container will last a long time.
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Tool Storage
By: Norb Kelly (Jan, 2016)
Almost two decades ago a tool seller suggested this wax for cast iron surfaces during winter storage in Minnesota. I would put three thick coats on the table saw and such and just leave it, not buff it out. Kept the surface rust from forming from moisture during the winter with the high humidity in the garage. I did have to run the dehumidifier once the garage warmed above 55° and the iron was still cold. Glad I found a new source.
I own this product.
By: phil (Aug, 2013)
I dont get it. I thot the wax would put a drag on the plane, not make it slide easier.
I own this product.

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