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Scotch Super 77 - Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

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Scotch Super 77 - Multi-Purpose Spray AdhesiveScotch Super 77 - Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesivecancelleft arrowright arrow
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3M's Scotch Super 77 is like having rubber cement in a spray can - only stronger and easier to use. It's easily the best stuff around for gluing cardboard and paper together but also it is tremendously useful anywhere you need to quickly glue two surfaces together. The adhesive in Super 77 bonds too strongly for carving templates (the pattern won't come off) but for work that will be sanded down anyway, like a Gramercy Saw Kit handle, Super 77 is just the ticket. It bonds to fabric,cardboard, plastic, metal, wood, felt, leather, and lots of other stuff. Super 77 is the duct-tape of glues.

Cannot be shipped by air. The large 13.57 oz. can will last a long time.

Made in the USA of US and import materials.
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