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Sterling Toolworks Precision Protractor

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Sterling Toolworks Precision Protractor
Sterling Toolworks Precision Protractor
Sterling Toolworks Precision Protractor
Sterling Toolworks Precision Protractor
Sterling Toolworks Precision Protractor - Rules are graduated in Imperial on one side and Metric on the other.

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Protractor with 6" RuleProtractor with 6" Rulecancel Protractor with 6" Rule ($50.00) In Stock
The Sterling Tool works precision protractor is made from tempered steel with etched graduations in Imperial and Metric. Its a great tool for transferring angular layout to a workpiece, checking the bevel angle of a chisel or plane iron or setting a bevel gauge to a precise measurement. Available with 6" or 6" and 12" inch rules, this tool has so many potential uses within a workshop that is would be a fools errant to attempt a comprehensive list.

The Tempered steel rules can be secured anywhere along their length using the knurled thumb screw. This allows the protractor to function as a depth gauge or to measure off the location of features along an angle. Although the tempered steel rules can hold up to marking knives or scribes, their narrow width requires that you watch your fingers, and as such we prefer to use this tool with a pencil when laying out. One of our favorite uses for the Sterling Precision Protractor is setting a bevel gauge, or checking the angle of a workpiece or fixture.

Etched and darkened graduations on both the rules and protractor won't rub off, and are easy to read. Both the 6" and 12" rules feature Imperial graduations by 32nd of an inch on one side, and Metric graduations in Millimeters on the other. The protractor is satin chrome plated, rules are not. Both are made from thick stock, and designed to withstand the rigors of a professional workshop.

The Sterling Toolworks Precision Protractor is Made in the USA.

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