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Kerr 8 oz. Mason Jar

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Kerr 8 oz. Mason Jar
Kerr 8 oz. Mason Jar
Kerr 8 oz. Mason Jar
Kerr 8 oz. Mason Jar

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 Single 8 oz Mason Jar with Lid ($1.89) In Stock
 One Dozen 8 oz Jars with Lids ($14.95) In Stock
In our shop we use mason jars like they're going out of style - which surprisingly they haven't, for over 150 years. Nail some lids to the underside of a shelf to sort small parts. Mix up a fresh batch of shellac, or store dye and finishes.

Stop stealing from the kitchen and buy a dozen of 'em.

Half Pint - 8 oz Jar has a 2 1/4" Diameter Mouth.

Kerr Mason Jars are Made in the USA.
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