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RMW Lupine Daypack with Inner Pocket

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Rivendell Mountain Works (RMW)
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RMW Lupine Daypack with Inner Pocket - Lupine in Clay and NavyRMW Lupine Daypack with Inner Pocket - Lupine in Clay and Navycancelleft arrowright arrow
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- Lupine in Clay and Navy
RMW Lupine Daypack with Inner Pocket - Lupine in Clay and Navy
RMW Lupine Daypack with Inner Pocket - Lupine in Clay and Navy
RMW Lupine Daypack with Inner Pocket - The Lupine daypack is great for hiking (The larger pack in the background is the Mariposa deluxe)
RMW Lupine Daypack with Inner Pocket - The Lupine makes a great everyday pack
RMW Lupine Daypack with Inner Pocket - Zipper tabs make opening and closing the Lupine easy, even in gloves.
RMW Lupine Daypack with Inner Pocket - #10 YKK coil zippers
RMW Lupine Daypack with Inner Pocket - Reinforced shoulder strap attachment
RMW Lupine Daypack with Inner Pocket - Metal slide-buckles make adjusting the shoulder straps easy as pie
RMW Lupine Daypack with Inner Pocket - Leather shoulder strap attachment is elegant and made to last

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We have always been a company that believes in selling products we actually use, and so it's fitting that the death of Joel's old knapsack, is concurrent with our launch of Rivendell Mountain Works daypacks. Joel's old knapsack has been a few fibers away from packing it in for a while, but its often the objects we use most that are hardest to replace. This time the transition was eased a little by Joel's new Clay and Navy Lupine daypack.

The Lupine is the smaller cousin of the Mariposa Deluxe, and is also an original Rivendell design, that was first produced in 1977. This pack is a refined, durable mid-size daypack, just the right size for a day out, and easily stowable into a suitcase, or duffel for use when traveling. The simplicity of its single main compartment, and one zippered internal pocket, are backed up by construction that is as robust as any of Rivendell's larger back packs. The Teardrop shape allows freedom of movement and holds a ton a gear.

Made of durable 11oz. cordura, the Lupine has a double layer bottom panel, leather reinforced stress points, heavy duty #10 YKK coil zippers. The 4 barbell shaped anchor points look great, and are a sturdy way to carry your your ice axe, hammer, watch, carabiner, or kerchief. The internal zippered pocket keeps small items discreet and secure in the urban jungle or mountain forest. Fits a respectable 4 six packs, and rolls up to about the size of a wine bottle.

Available in 5 colors, including our very own Green and Navy colorway.

Made in Rivendell, USA.

We look for the same things in a backpack that we look for in woodworking tools. The details of a design affect the way we use a product, and reflect the outlook of the designer, and manufacturer. We feel that there is an ethos of clean design, heritage, and quality craftsmanship that makes Rivendell Mountain Work's packs, and totes some of the finest produced today.

Rivendell Mountain Works (RMW) was founded by Larry Horton in 1971. Their iconic Jensen pack was widely copied, and pioneered the frameless "soft-pack" construction of contemporary ultra-light backpacks.

Rivendell Mountain Works also produced several other legendary designs, including the Bombshelter Tent, widely considered to be the strongest mountaineering shelter available.

In 1981 after ten years, Rivendell and Its iconic carved wooden sign were sold. The company went dormant until 2006 when Eric Hardee revived the brand, producing classic Rivendell designs like the Jensen Pack, on a custom basis, and developing a product line that now includes Day Packs, Waist Packs, Totes, and Accessory Packs. They still use Don Jensonï's original blueprints for their heritage line of packs, and sew every detail by hand.

The packs made today by Rivendell Mountain Works are produced in what, Eric describes as micro-cottage production. Sewing and production is decentralized and done by small group of skilled craftsmen and women living in the Cascade Mountains of Washington.

When we first contacted RMW to discuss carrying their line of daypacks, Eric Hardee and I (Ben) connected over our love of DIY, and hand woodworking.

Eric and his wife built their home in Rivendell USA, where they still produce their famous packs and accessories. As we were emailing , he alluded to, and then sent me, a photo of his well worn hand tools arranged on a board in front of him and his wife. Between the two of them they hold a giant felling saw as they crouch in the mountain forest. She rests their child on her knee, and the three of them smile, as they prepare to build their home. The beautiful ambition conveyed by that photo is a feeling embodied by Rivendell Mountain Works.

What makes a pack top-notch isn't the gew-gaws attached to it, but simple rugged construction with easy access to the designs features. A great pack disappears on your back. The weight hangs correctly, you can find things without going insane poking in a million pockets, you don't worry that a pickpocket will get your valuables, The pack can take outside stuff tied on, and it's light,strong and simple without being flimsy.

The Mariposa and Lupine packs are two of the finest day packs made today. Their rugged construction features the same attention to detail found on Rivendells larger packs, and will last a lifetime. The Bag'n Sac is the most durable tote we've ever seen. The elf pouch is great to throw in a pack to keep glasses, or other small things safe, or you can wear it on your belt. Choosing a pack is easy... just get them all.

  Mariposa Deluxe Lupine Pack(this item)
Capacity 2050 cu. in. 1300 cu in.
Weight 1lb. 6oz 1lb. 2oz
Dimensions Dimensions: Height: 21.5"
Width at bottom: 12.5"
Width at ss leather: 10.5"
Depth at bottom: 5.5"
Height: 18.5"
Width at bottom: 12.5"
Width at ss leather: 6.5"
Depth at bottom: 5.5"
Features Removable Foam Backpad,
Inner pocket, Haul Loop, 1" Waist Belt, Two Tool loops, 6 barbells
Internal pocket, Haul Loop, 1" Waist Belt, 4 Barbells
Material Cordura
Construction Notes Double reinforced 11oz Cordura Bottom
Zippers #10 YKK coil zipper
Notes Leather Reinforced Stress Points
Colors: Green, Red, Brown, Orange, Blue
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