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Lino and Block Printing Supplies

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Lino and Block Printing Supplies
Lino and Block Printing Supplies - Inking the Brayer. Lift the brayer at the end of each stroke to help even the ink.
Lino and Block Printing Supplies - Inking the Lino Block
Lino and Block Printing Supplies - A baren is used to press the paper onto the inked lino-block. Make sure the center of the baren, where the pressure is concentrated, is moved over the entire surface of the block.
Lino and Block Printing Supplies - You don’t need to believe in magic to enjoy this part - peeling your first print off the block is always awesome.
Lino and Block Printing Supplies - Not a bad first print! Looks like we could have used a little more ink. The paper will be trimmed square to the print after drying.
Lino and Block Printing Supplies - Mulberry Printmaking Paper takes ink beautifully.

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Linoleum Block 8" by 10"Linoleum Block 8" by 10"cancel Linoleum Block 8" by 10" ($7.98) In Stock
9" by 12" Mulberry Printmaking Paper 45g/m sq.9" by 12" Mulberry Printmaking Paper 45g/m sq.cancel 9" by 12" Mulberry Printmaking Paper 45g/m sq. ($11.04) In Stock
Block Printing Ink - BlackBlock Printing Ink - Blackcancel Block Printing Ink - Black ($3.65) In Stock
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The satisfaction of pulling your first print off an inked Linolium block... is awesome. With a small selection of supplies you can print business cards, stationary, or holiday cards. Linoleum, mounted to a Thick MDF Backing is easy to clamp while carving, and carves with a nice crisp line. Blocks can be cut to a desired size or left as is. We like to carve Lino Blocks with a set of palm tools, but there's no reason a regular full size carving kit wouldn't work, and its also possible to make some interesting designs using a chip carving knife.

The water based ink we carry is made specifically for relief printing. It has a nice consistency. The 6 ink set includes all the primary colors (Red, Yellow, Blue) as well as Black, White and Metallic Gold.

Speedball's 4" brayer has a solid steel frame, and a rubber roller that inks with a nice smooth action. Its a solid, quality brayer that will remain useful for years.

Paper selection is one of the major components of printmaking. High quality paper takes ink well and doesn't fall apart when it gets damp because it is made from long plant fibers. Unbleached Mulberry has a classy, natural look and feel.

The Baren is used to press the paper onto the inked surface of the Lino Block. Ours has a bamboo leaf surface. It does the job well, creating an even print that can be difficult to achieve with a wooden spoons, hands, or rolling pin.

Speedball Lino-Blocks, Brayer, and Ink, and Paper are made in the USA.
The Bamboo Leaf Baren is made in Japan.

Lino Printing is a simple process and a beautiful art form in the hands of a master. In a few easy steps here's how to go about it.

1. Carve a design into the soft surface a Linoblock. Flexcut's Lino and Printmaking Set would do just fine - and was used to carve the block in our Photography.

2. click for pictureSqueeze a thick line of ink onto a flat surface, and ink the Brayer with a rolling motion. Picking up the brayer at the end of each stroke, and keep at it until the brayer has even coating of ink.

3. click for pictureInk the Lino Block by rolling the brayer across its surface keeping flat contact between the brayer and the block. Ink in a single direction. A good even coating of ink will take a couple strokes. You may also need to re-ink the brayer.

4.Carefully place your printing paper onto the surface of the inked block. You only get one shot to place it correctly - moving the paper will smear the ink. For this reason its often easier to print on a larger piece of paper, and trim it even after the print is dry.

4. click for pictureRub the surface of the paper into the block using the baren. Rub with a small, circular motion, and make sure to bring the center of the baren where most of the pressure is concentrated all the way out to the edges of the print.

5. click for picturePeel off your print! and re-ink the block for starting from step 2 to make another.

Clean up:

Ink can be washed off the Lino-Block, Inking Plate and Brayer with water.

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