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Saw Files for Japanese Saws

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 3" (75mm) ($12.95) In Stock
 4" (100mm) ($15.95) In Stock
 5" (125mm) ($16.95) In Stock
We do a brisk business in Western-style saw files. There is nothing like a sharp saw, and while it takes a little practice, sharpening a saw is a great skill that makes the rest of woodworking a lot more pleasurable. However, we can all agree that sharpening a Japanese saw is a lot harder than sharpening a Western saw. The tooth geometry is just a lot more complicated. But it can be just as rewarding and useful to sharpen a Japanese saw, so we now stock all the saw files you need for Japanese saws.
Files must be used with handles. These files have wide tangs so for the correct size handle select the Skroo-zon handle for regular 5" ,6", and 8" files for Japanese saw file lengths 3", 4", and 5" respectively. Handles are NOT included. Made in Japan. Note: Replaceable blade Japanese saws are not designed to be sharpened, as the teeth have been extra hardened for long life.
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