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Professional Quality Ryoba Saws by Mitsukawa

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Professional Quality Ryoba Saws by MitsukawaProfessional Quality Ryoba Saws by Mitsukawacancelleft arrowright arrow
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 Professional version with gas welded shank ($359.95) In Stock
We're pleased to offer these two ryoba saws made by one of the great saw makers of Miki City, Japan, Juntaro Mitsukawa, a third generation saw maker. We carry other saws by Mitsukawa under different other brands. Like many tool makers, he makes a wide variety of saws for different levels of work. These are his best ryoba saws. The saws are forged from Yasuki White Paper #2 steel, and the taper, which is only found on higher quality saws, is hand scraped. The teeth on both saws are first ground with a diamond saw, then inspected, set, and touched up by hand. The tensioning is done by hand. The subtle details of tensioning, tapering, carefully filing the teeth, etc., are what take a good saw and make it a great saw. A saw that will cut fast without binding. A saw that has hard teeth to cut, but can still be filed. A saw that is extremely thin, to produce the narrowest kerf with minimal force, yet has the stiffness to resist bending and breaking. The quality of the steel allows the teeth to be hard for clean cutting without snapping, but also just soft enough to be re-sharpened when necessary. This is a lifetime saw. Both saws have rattan handles wrapped in a decorative pattern.

You might be wondering why there's such a difference in price between the saws. The reason is simple. The less expensive saw is really the modern professional saw. The tang on this saw is welded to the saw body by gas welding, a modern efficient way of doing a quality job. (A single piece of steel isn't used because of the competing characteristics needed for hard cutting teeth and flexible handles.) The more expensive saw is a traditional professional saw. The tang is welded onto the saw body with hammer welding. Not a simple job with such thin steel! You can just see the hammer weld in body of the saw, but as in any brilliantly crafted item, it is nearly invisible. From what I understand, these hand-welded saws are still being produced because the Japanese government periodically orders some just to keep the technique alive. We have imported a few for those who are inspired by working in the shadows of a great tradition. Both saws are 240mm long.
Customer Reviews:
Yes, with caveat
By: JB (Sep, 2014)
This is a saw that a woodworker graduates to. I learned what not to do with less expensive Japanese saws; broke some teeth, kinked a blade and sliced some flesh. Then I sprang for this thing. At first I was dissapointed at what seemed to be a dullness of it but kept using it and somehow rather magically it came to life. Maybe I just had to grow into it, I don't know but I can cut very accurately across long spans and most importantly I can cut very square lines. I cut every bit of wood from felled tree to Scandinavian Cabinet Makers Bench with it. I spent a lot of time with this saw. Sadly, this saw was stolen from me so I have to buy another, a testament to what an excellent saw it is.
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