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Deluxe 240mm Rip Dozuki Saw

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In the past few years, there has been a revolution in hand saws. I don't mean a high-tech revolution; I mean a low-tech one. On the dovetail front, woodworkers are increasingly turning to rip-filed saws because dovetailing is mostly a rip operation. You can use a crosscut saw, and many people do, but a rip-filed dovetail saw will cut faster and smoother. The down side, of course, is that a rip-filed saw won't be nearly as useful for general trimming as a crosscut saw. I suppose the reason why rip dovetail saws became scarce is that the mass market wanted a more general purpose saw. Fortunately, most premium saw makers in Europe and North America offer a rip dovetail. In Asia, however, rip dozuki saws - specifically designed for cutting dovetails - have been up to now a much rarer and far more expensive tool. Inspired by some of the favorable comments we've heard from other woodworkers, we decided that it wouldn't hurt to ask our agents in Japan to talk to one of our saw makers to see if we could find a moderately priced rip dozuki saw. We're happy to announce success.
This rip dozuki saw is made by Master of Saw Blacksmith Mitsukawa Daizo, under the "Harima-Daizo" brand, and is similar in quality to our professional dozuki saw, but is filed for a true rip cut. The 240mm blade is not replaceable, but it can be re-sharpened if necessary. Once we got the saw in stock we sent one to Christopher Schwarz, Executive Editor of Popular Woodworking magazine to see if the effort was worthwhile. Here is what he said:
"In my opinion cutting dovetails is best done with a rip-tooth saw, but until now finding an affordable rip dozuki has been impossible. The Harima-Daizo saw rips faster, cuts smoother and tracks better than any other crosscut dozuki I've used. It astonishes me that a saw this good can be so reasonably priced."
Blade length 240mm (9.4"). Made in Japan.
"Best overall Rip Dozuki Dovetail Saw" - Fine Woodworking Tools and Shops 2007.
Customer Reviews:
Unbelievable tool/ Mitsukawa rip dozuki
By: Bill Bronaugh (May, 2015)
This is the best bang for anyones buck for a dovetail saw. Amazingly fast, amazingly accurate and smooth. I cut dovetails in 3/4" cherry with 3-4 strokes of the saw. Just an estimate but pretty accurate but I cut probably cut close to 700-800 dovetails in cherry, walnut, white oak, cypress, pine and some black locust, mahogany and other woods and this saw still performs like the day I first took it to boat building school. I love it and IF I ever do need another dovetail saw this is the only one I will buy. It would be worth the price at 3 times as much and I have $300 dollar saws, several of them, and this saw is as good as them for its intended purpose and at that purpose it is without peers, it stands head and shoulders above all others.
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