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Professional Quality Replaceable Blade Ryoba Saw

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This professional-grade saw is made by a master saw blacksmith. It is the Japanese equivalent of a pair of handsaws. One side is used for ripping wood to width, and the other side is for crosscutting. You will find that the razor-sharp precisely formed and shaped teeth cut fast and accurately. The saw is designed for hardwood and is a great all-around tool for cutting wide boards. The rip teeth also do quick work on tenon cheeks. The saw has 9 tpi for rip, 15 tpi for crosscutting, It is 0.024" thick, with a 9-3/4" long replaceable blade, and is 22 3/8" overall. Made in Japan.
Customer Reviews:
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By: JD Lindner (Nov, 2017)
Now that I've used it a bit, I find I need it more than I thought I would. Cross cut 8/4 maple slab, no problem. That's not its regular duty (or mine). I actually started the cut as a joke (Haw! This ain't gonna cut no --- whoa!). I was amazed at how quickly it did the job. It's a pleasure to use.
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By: Baudet (Apr, 2015)
Quality saw, I use it for 90% of my work! I've re sharpened the rip teeth a few times. Cuts straight, fast and leaves good fish in kerf. Screw bald fixing is a bit loose and needs constant tightening. Nice product
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