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Japanese Ryoba Pull Saw

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 Complete Saw - 240mm long x 0.5mm thick blade ($44.95) Sold Out
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 Replacement Blade Only - 240mm long x 0.5mm thick blade ($27.95) In Stock
Ryoba saws have double-sided blades, with rip teeth on one side and crosscut teeth on the other. This is a wonderful everyday ryoba saw, extremely versatile and great for a multitude of woodworking tasks.

With a .5mm thick blade, minimal set to allow great tracking and minimal binding, this 250mm (9.84") long Japanese Ryoba saw is a great performer at a very reasonable price.

One side has rip teeth at a 2.25mm pitch for cutting with the grain. The other size has crosscut teeth at a 1.2mm pitch for cutting perpendicular to the grain. The impulse hardened teeth will stay sharp a long time at which time the blade can be replaced

This saw is meant for general purpose cutting of wood.

Made in Japan.

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