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Umeki-Oire-Nomi Dovetail Chisels

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  Japanese Chisels
Umeki-Oire-Nomi Dovetail ChiselsUmeki-Oire-Nomi Dovetail Chiselscancelleft arrowright arrow
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 36mm ($169.95) In Stock
 42mm ($169.95) In Stock
While plain and unassuming these regular finish chisels are made of the finest white steel, welded to soft steel using Nishiki's unique method of stretching and consolidation of the steel, for an exceptionally long-lasting edge. The handles are of red oak, with hand-forged black hoops. What I find interesting about the "plain" finish is that it isn't plain at all - Nishiki grinds an even pattern of lines on each side of the top of the tool, for a decorative texture. The hollow in the back is also ground out with a decorative texture, the same signature pattern he uses on his etched blades. The smaller set of five purposely includes the narrower sizes that are more common to joinery.

Very limited availability.
Customer Reviews:
Maybe/maybe not
By: Jay Grant (Apr, 2013)
If I was 21,maybe I would pay stupid price for chisels that will do no hetter than those of non famous maker. Its the edge and the hand that guides it in the final analysis.

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