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Iyoroi Umeki-Nomi Bronze Backed Dovetail Chisels

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Iyoroi Umeki-Nomi Bronze Backed Dovetail ChiselsIyoroi Umeki-Nomi Bronze Backed Dovetail Chiselscancelleft arrowright arrow
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Umeki-Nomi are Dovetail Chisels, triangular, with a white oak handle, specifically designed for Western woodworking.

The triangular blade section is designed to get into areas of joinery without damaging the sides of the joint. The extra long White Oak handle can be used with both hands for more power, and the length gives you control. Like Western style paring chisels, these chisels have no iron hoops and are not supposed to be hit with a hammer. When cutting across the fibers of wood (such as when chopping out a dovetail or mortise), the power you get from a hammered tool is obvious. But when doing the final trim, control is the key.

Paring chisels are often overlooked (and to be fair, they will probably not be the most heavily used tool in your shop), but they do make the job go better. I would not recommend these chisels as your first big set, but as an addendum to a set of hooped chisels they are wonderful to have. Even if you can't justify owning an entire set, keeping a few sizes handing for paring and fitting isn't a bad idea.
The backs have a single hollow elegantly finished in bronze.

Blade length: 85mm. handle length 170mm, Overall length: 350mm. Blade thickness approx. 5 - 8mm."

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