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Milwaukee Small Woodworking Vise - Made in USA

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Milwaukee Small Woodworking Vise - Made in USA
Milwaukee Small Woodworking Vise - Made in USA - A small but sturdy vise it even has a heavy duty ACME main screw.

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We constantly get requests for a smaller vise that works well. That might not seem like too tall an order, but by well we mean that the rods are heavy enough so that it's not going to bend when you tighten it. We mean that the machining is precise and the jaws line up and close properly. We mean the screw must be generously made so that it won�t gaul or bend in use. The steel toggle has to be robust enough so won�t bend when you tighten the vise. The jaws need to clamp firmly as you crank it tight. This USA made vise answers all these requirements. This is a great vise and the best vise we know of for a smaller bench, a general purpose worktable, or for a workbench for a young person. It's a vise that might be small in size but treats you, your workpiece, your wallet, and the American worker, with respect.

We supply the vise with all the hardware needed to install the vise, attach a riser block if you bench top is less than 2 1/8" thick, and affix a pair of jaw liners. The vise is attached to the bench using a couple of lag bolts from underneath and a few wood screws from the rear jaw into the bench.
Jaw width6 1/4"
Max Jaw Opening7 1/4"
Max extension under bench8 3/8"
Back casting height 2 1/8"
Max Clamping Depth 2 1/4"
Customer Reviews:
Great value; adequate hardware
By: Max (Jan, 2017)
Quality USA construction; a great value, especially for a beginner woodworker. Instructions are excellent, hardware quality more than adequate. Highly recommend.
I own this product.
Cheap Hardware
By: Jill (Apr, 2014)
I just installed this vise today, so I cannot speak to its performance yet. The hardware that came with the vise is incredibly cheap. The lag screws appear to be aluminum, and one just broke in half as I was drilling it into my bench top (where one half off the screw will now be indefinitely). And the other included screws almost immediately stripped. SO, while this does appear to be a decent vise for the price, I'd suggested supplying your own hardware and tossing that which is provided with the vise.
I own this product.

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