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Electric Copper Glue Pot

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Electric Copper Glue Pot
Electric Copper Glue Pot

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 For 110V US Plug ($199.95) In Stock
 For 220V / 230V 50-60 cycle US plug (For other areas the plug must be changed) ($199.95) In Stock
 Replacement Copper Pot Only (does not include heating unit) ($139.95) Sold Out
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 Steel Lid for Glue Pot - 1 Qt. ($22.95) In Stock
Hide glue must be soaked in water and then used hot (140 degrees F.). In a pinch, you can use a crock pot with a thermometer to ensure the correct setting (too cool and the glue won't flow properly; too hot and the glue will deteriorate faster). But the proper way to heat the glue to 140 degrees and keep it there is with a glue pot.
This glue pot is electric and the interior is a genuine, heavy-duty copper pot that lifts out so that you can carry it to the work (and for easy cleaning). Copper is the traditional and very best material for glue pots: it inhibits mold so that the glue lasts a little longer, and it doesn't corrode like an aluminum pot. It's also is rumored to make the glue a little more transparent.

These glue pots have no water liner, so the copper pot is heated directly. The pot is calibrated to 140 degrees at the factory. Some folks put a little water in the glue pot and use a glass jar to actually contain the glue. That way, when they're done for the day, they can seal up the jar and store it in the refrigerator, and then at the next use reinstate the jar in the pot for reheating. (Hide glue will stand a few reheatings before it deteriorates.) The glue pot comes with a steel stand that goes into the pot so that you can wipe your glue brush against it. 1 Quart capacity.
Made in USA.
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A Classic in Copper
By: Roy Underhill (Jul, 2016)
Just ordered a second one for the Woodwright's School. Our old one is the center of all the action when the dovetails go together and has survived the hands of hundreds of students. An enduring classic!
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