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This glue brush has many of the features of a classic glue brush at a great price. The classic brush is made of white hog bristle and is bridled with a wire loop tightly bound about halfway down the length of the brush. The natural bristle really grabs the glue and allows it flow evenly so that you can apply it in even strokes. The bridle keeps the glue from saturating the entire brush, so that when the brush gets old and clogged with dried glue, you can remove the bridle, trim the bristles and you have a brush that will last twice as long.

This brush is trimmed like a glue brush, but the shield is plastic so it doesn�t cost anywhere near what a classic glue brush costs. It has the same bristle - white hog - as the classic brush, and it will suck up a load of glue (hide glue or regular yellow glue) and then allow you to easily brush it on in even strokes. No big glop in the beginning - just an even flow of glue. The unbridled brush gives very nice glue flow and the brushes are inexpensive enough to be discarded every once in awhile. They�re a big improvement over the steel handled acid brushes that are really single-use, and are less expensive and better-performing than the discounted Chinese bridled brushes we�ve seen. 5/8" diameter, 1 1/2" bristle length. Overall length 8" Genuine white hog bristle. Made in USA.
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