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Glen - Drake Plane Hammers

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Glen-Drake Toolworks
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  Hammers and Mallets
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These ergonomically designed hammers are designed to fit in your hand correctly aligned, so that you hold and use them with ease. Tremendous thought and care has gone into every facet of the hammers' design. Use them to adjust wedged and infill planes, as the name would suggest, and also for driving wedges into joints and other hammering tasks. The hammer’s light steel head delivers a delicate tap which means you use a lot less force than you would with either a wood or brass mallet. On one side of the hammer is of course the head; the other side is ground to a proper screwdriver for the cap iron, or for the fence adjusting screws on fillister and other specialty planes. As Glen Drake says, "What a difference a tool that actually fits the breaker screw makes!" You'll make good use of the hammer and marvel at how nice it feels in your hand. Made in USA.

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