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Flexcut Spoon Carvin' Jack

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  Gifts for Spoon Carvers
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One of the joys of spoon carving is how easy it is to carry your work with you. Take advantage of a sunny day in the park, or even some time between appointments. With its diminutive size ( 1” long x 6” wide x 8.75 inches) and light weight of 5.7 oz, the Spoon Carvin’ Jack makes it possible for you to carry around a sophisticated carving system in your pocket or bag. The Spoon Carvin’ Jack includes two right-handed hook blades (the shallow hook blade has a 5" radius and the deep hook blade has a .75% radius) and a very versatile 1 ⅜: straight blade for shaping and detail carving. The Jack’s handle, made of aerospace aluminum, has an ergonomic design and an anti-slip cross-hatched pattern that keeps the jack comfortably in your hand.
If you simply carve shallower spoon bowls when you’re working in the wild, the Spoon Carvin’ Jack will enable you to whittle by the campfire to your heart’s content. It’s a small price to pay for the portability, safety, and convenience of an all-in-one spoon tool that will fit in your pocket or pack. --Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine (4/2018)
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