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Flexcut Lino & Printmaking Set

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 Flexcut Lino & Printmaking Set - SK130 ($50.00) In Stock
Block Printing is a fun, and simple way to make business cards, holiday greetings, and illustrations. The Flexcut Lino and Relief Printmaking Set comes complete with all the razor sharp tools you need to carve your design into a wood, or linoleum block that is ready to print.

Block printing, also called wood block, lino-cut, or relief printing, begins with a design carved into the flat surface of a "block" made of soft wood, or linoleum. The block is inked with a roller (called a brayer) so only the remaining flat surface of the block receives ink. Paper is pressed onto the inked block to make a print.

Block print designs can be as intricate as Hokusai's Great Wave or as simple as your name or logo on a business card. Either way, starting with a set of sharp tools will go along way towards making a successful print.

Kit includes 1 ABS handle, 4 razor sharp blades, a tool roll, instructions, a slip strop and a small block of honing compound. Sweeps included are: #6 x 5/16" Gouge, #11 x 1/8" Gouge, 45 deg. x 1mm V-Tool, 70 deg. x 1/4" V-Tool.

The Flexcut Lino and Relief Printmaking set is Made in Pennsylvania, USA.

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