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Kimberly Drawing Pencils by General Pencil Co.

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Kimberly Drawing Pencils by General Pencil Co.Kimberly Drawing Pencils by General Pencil Co.cancelleft arrowright arrow
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Kimberly Drawing Pencils by General Pencil Co.
Kimberly Drawing Pencils by General Pencil Co. - Kimberly drawing pencils are made in the USA
Kimberly Drawing Pencils by General Pencil Co. - Brass capped ends
Kimberly Drawing Pencils by General Pencil Co. - We asked Tim for a “simple doodle” to show off Kimberly... must be the pencils!

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Kimberly Drawing pencils are General’s top of the line drawing and sketching pencils. They use a proprietary blend of Graphite, and Belgian clay to produce smooth drawing leads in a wide range of hardness. These are classic pencils, produced on 100 year old machinery and it shows in the attention to detail.

Sketching ideas is integral to our design process in the Gramercy Tools Shop. Even though nearly every tool we design eventually becomes a digital 3-D model, we find serious value in the immediacy of producing drawings by hand in the early stages of our process. Even after the prototype has been cut, having a set of quality pencils on the drafting board helps us work through improvements, or illuminate details.

We carry a range of hardness’ that we feel to be useful for design sketches. Harder grades are preferred for their lighter mark, and ability to hold a fine point. Softer leads can be used to add shadow and shading. Using different grades of lead, can add a range of value to your drawings that will help you make important design decisions before you start making sawdust.

Like all the General Pencil Products we sell, Kimberly Drawing Pencils are made in New Jersey, USA.
Today General Pencil Company is the only manufacturer currently producing all the components of their Pencils in the United States. What's more, they have remained a family owned business, since Oscar Weissenborn founded the company in a room of the family home in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Today, James Weissenborn, Oscar's grandson runs the family business, with his daughter Katie.

In the 1990's General was under intense competition from foreign pencil manufacturers; In 1997 the price of a Chinese made yellow school pencil dropped below General's cost of raw materials.

Rather than move production overseas, James Weissenborn reimagined his family company, and re-focused on producing high quality pencils for artists, and writers. James saw the value of the 100 year old machinery purchased by his grandfather. Every step of production, from mixing the graphite and extruding the lead, to shaping slabs of incense cedar, and crimping on metal end caps is done in house, giving General the ability to strictly control their process, and quality.

Today, General Pencil's factory is still pumping out top quality pencils, and artist supplies, from their New Jersey Factory, and have expanded their operation with an office in California, close to their sources for incense cedar.

Open a box of General's pencils and they smell just like the first day of school. That trip down memory lane is a quaint one - but somehow feels right - after all these are quite literally, your grandpa's pencils.
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