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Arkansas Whetstone Carving Tool Slip Stones 4" x 7/8"

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Found in Departments: Arkansas and other Oilstones
Arkansas Whetstone Carving Tool Slip Stones 4" x 7/8"Arkansas Whetstone Carving Tool Slip Stones 4" x 7/8"cancelleft arrowright arrow
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Set of 4 - Hard Arkansas Stone ($57.95) Not available
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 Set of 4 - Translucent Arkansas Stone ($123.95) In Stock
Carving slip stones have a nice rounded edge suitable for sharpening carving tools and any other sharpening for which you need a round edge.

The carving slips in these sets are all a full 4" long and designed to match typical carving tool profilescloseup of the carving slip profiles. They are long enough for you to get a good grip on the stone and produce a fine long stroke, which makes it easier to keep the sharpening angle consistent. Oilstones wear tough and don’t lose their shapes as other sharpening media. This helps keep sharp profiles on your tools.

The Translucent Arkansas Stone is considered “Extra Fine” (1200+ grit) and is perfect for final honing and chasing of the wire edge. This is a harder stone than the Soft, Hard or True Hard Arkansas and is used to put a polished, razor sharp edge on knives and tools. The Hard Arkansas Stone is considered “Fine” (800-100 grit) and is used to establish and maintain a keen edge on cutting tools.

Made of natural stones quarried in the USA. Since this is a natural stone, color may vary between translucent white, grey, yellow, pink or brown.

Comes in an attractive wooden box.

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