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Adjustable Mitre Squares By Colen Clenton

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Gauges and Other Tools by Colen Clenton
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  Gauges and Other Tools by Colen Clenton
Adjustable Mitre Squares By Colen ClentonAdjustable Mitre Squares By Colen Clentoncancelleft arrowright arrow
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 Small 3" - Blackwood ($150.00) In Stock
 Small 3" - Rose She-Oak ($150.00) In Stock
 Small 3" - Lace She-Oak ($191.50) In Stock
 Large 6" - Blackwood ($232.50) In Stock
 Large 6" - Rose She-Oak ($232.50) In Stock
Mitre squares feature a blade fixed at a 45-degree angle. The mitre square is the thing to use when you mark out a mitre, cut it, and then shoot it to perfection with a shooting board. They are also useful for checking to make sure a cut mitre is really at 45 degrees. These mitre squares feature the beauty of a traditional wooden square, with the very nice feature of adjustability. If the square isn't on the money, all you do is loosen two screws that are concealed in the base of the handle (where it won't get in the way of regular use) Close-up of blade adjustment screws and slacken one and tighten the other to move the blade to where it should be. The blades on all the squares are satin-finished, hardened brass. Brass is a bearing metal and the layout tools will just glide smoothly when running against them. The wood is hard, heavy, stable, native Australian timber. Two sizes are available. The larger size 6" size, which is more traditional and probably more useful for general joinery, and a special 3" small size which is perfect for tiny boxes and other small stuff where a bigger tool just gets in the way.

Note: In the US the correct spelling is "miter." In England and Australia the term is spelled "mitre." As these squares are originally of English design and are made Australia we have adopted the British spelling.

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