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Adjustable Dovetail Squares By Colen Clenton

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Gauges and Other Tools by Colen Clenton
Found in Departments: Dovetail Squares and Gauges
  Gauges and Other Tools by Colen Clenton
Adjustable Dovetail Squares By Colen ClentonAdjustable Dovetail Squares By Colen Clentoncancelleft arrowright arrow
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 1:6 (Softwood) - Blackwood ($150.00) In Stock
 1:6 (Softwood) - Rose She-Oak ($150.00) In Stock
 1:6 (Softwood) - Lace She-Oak ($181.00) In Stock
 1:8 (Hardwood) - Blackwood ($150.00) Sold Out
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 1:8 (Hardwood) - Rose She-Oak ($150.00) Sold Out
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Dovetail squares are the things to use when you need to layout a set of dovetails. We sell several different designs of these gauges, but these are certainly the nicest. Every feature of Colen Clenton's tools has an important engineering function -- a fact that sometimes gets lost in the euphoria over the sheer elegance and beauty of the tools. The wood is both spectacular looking and very stable and very heavy. The blade is hard brass, a bearing metal that gives free and easy running to a steel knife or awl. The blades are long, so that you can easily layout dovetails on very thick stock. We carry two versions of the dovetail square: one is set at 1:6 ratio for softwoods, and the other for 1:8 ratio for hardwoods. The ratio means that the angle is 1" in the X-axis and 6" in the Y-axis. The other side of the gauge is square for laying out the square parts of the joint. Like the other Colen Clenton squares, these squares are adjustable for maximum continued accuracy. Just set the square correctly, then loosen the two concealed screws in the handle and tighten appropriately. Made in Australia.

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