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Scratch Awls by Colen Clenton

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Gauges and Other Tools by Colen Clenton
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  Marking Knives and Awls
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Good marking equipment is critical for accurate joinery. When Colen Clenton decided to design the perfect marking tool, you could say he gave it his awl!. You will find that marking with an awl gives you a distinct shallow mark that is both easy to see and shallow enough to easily plane out. Colen Clenton takes pride in that every feature of his tools is both decorative and functional. The wooden parts of the awl are made of various native Australian timbers, which are not only spectacular looking but also very stable and very heavy. This heft, coupled with the tool's brass fixtures, give it a satisfying weight, which also helps keeping steady when scribing. The awls are also designed with a bunch of features that protect the tools' longevity. For example, when it rests on the bench, the awl rests on the brass, so that over the years the wood doesn't get dinged up. And the hardened steel tip of the awl is replaceable. All in all, a tool that is designed to perform at a high level for many, many years. 7 1/2" overall length. The awl on the left is in rose she-oak, the one on the right is in blackwood. Made in Australia.
"My wax and awl arrived yesterday. I haven't played with the wax but will this weekend. My awl is awe inspiring. Nothing in your description prepared me for the size and heft of this tool. If Davey Crockett could grin a "bar" to death, this awl could intimidate a line without even touching the wood." J. Wilson, customer.

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