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Barrel Shaped Chisel Hammers

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Found in Departments: Hammers and Mallets
  Japanese Chisels
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11 oz. Hammer ($28.95) Not available
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13 oz. Hammer ($34.95) Not available
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 20 oz. Hammer ($41.95) In Stock
Hooped Japanese chisels are designed to be hit with a steel hammer. These barrel shaped chisel hammer are becoming very popular because of the control they give. All the hammers are flat on one side and slightly crowned or rounded on the other. The rounded side is used for nailing, and either side can be used for malleting chisels. We stock this hammer in 3 different sizes. The 13 oz hammer is our most popular size, and it’s what most people use for general work. The lighter 11 oz hammer is a better choice for light, smaller work. The 20 oz size is really for heavy work (and is probably too fatiguing for regular work). The hammerheads are made from specially tempered steel to reduce bounce. 13" overall length, white oak handle. Made in Japan.

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