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Cat's Paw (Japanese Nail Puller)

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Cat’s Paw (Japanese Nail Puller)Cat’s Paw (Japanese Nail Puller)cancelleft arrowright arrow
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A cat’s paw (sometimes called a “nail puller") is an extremely handy tool for removing nails and brads from wood. It has two claws for maximum convenience and leverage. It also comes highly recommended as a great gizmo for helping to set the hoops on Japanese chisels. After years of setting hoops with just a hammer, I used this cat’s paw and it really speeds things up. Just clamp the chisel shank in a vise, put the hoop on (after fitting it correctly see our guide for more information) and then hammer the cat’s paw down, with the crook of the cat’s paw bearing down on both sides of the hoop at the same time. It’ll drive the hoop evenly down on the handle. Made in Japan.

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