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Van Dyck Crystals

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Van Dyck Crystals
Van Dyck Crystals

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 Van Dyke Crystals - 250g ($20.40) In Stock
 Van Dyke Crystals- 500g ($30.00) In Stock
 Van Dyke Crystals - 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) ($47.80) In Stock
Widely used before the advent of modern dyes, Van Dyke crystals are the traditional method for coloring oak and walnut. They are made from the husks of walnuts. You simply dissolve the crystals in hot water, and get a brown liquid whose intensity can be controlled by dilution.

While we firmly understand that newer stains exist, more and more of our customers are finishing period furniture in a period way. And of course the crystals contain no harmful chemicals.

Van Dyke crystals are also very popular as an ink. We probably have as many calligraphers and artists woodworkers buying this product as we do woodworkers. Made in England.
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Customer Reviews:
By: Tom Sontag (Feb, 2016)
This is my first step when finishing walnut since the wood varies in color so much and would normally fade over time. The dye does not obscure any grain and you have total control over how dark to make the wood. Yes it raises the grain and requires you to sand lightly before the top coat (garnet shellac looks terrific), but it does a good job on coloring sapwood, lasts forever (in the shop and on the wood), and is easy to apply by brush or rag. I suppose it works on other woods but I generally do not color wood and use this on walnut only to equalize the project and make the color permanent.
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