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Liberon Wood Bleacher

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Liberon Finishing Supplies
Found in Departments: Finish Restoration, Repair, and Touch-up
  Liberon Finishing Supplies
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Made of oxalic acid, Liberon’s wood bleach is designed to remove dark stains that are caused by rust, alcohol, dampness, fruit, ring marks and other common enemies of your furniture’s finish. It’s especially good for removing the black rings that are caused when water (via a damp glass, for example) gets on a wood surface or around a nail or screw head. These rings are caused by the interaction of iron (a trace element of tap water) and the tannic acid found in oak, mahogany, cherry and other woods. It’s also great for lightening naturally dark wood or natural wood that has been darkened through alkali stripping, staining or weathering. This is why oxalic acid is an ingredient in “deck brighteners," which protect restore wood furniture dulled by outdoor weather exposure. Note: As with any bleaching product, the wood bleach should be tested on an inconspicuous area of the wood. Persistent stains may require repeated applications. Further note: Wood bleach is poisonous and can irritate or burn skin and eyes. Protect your eyes with goggles and your hands with rubber gloves when you are using the wood bleach. Always use caution and keep this product out of children’s reach. Do not mix the bleach with any product other than water.

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