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Starter Sets of Turning Tools by Ashley Iles

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Ashley Iles - Carving, Turning & Bench Chisels
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  Sets of Turning Tools
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Starter Sets of Turning Tools by Ashley Iles
Starter Sets of Turning Tools by Ashley Iles

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 Starter Set of 4 ($258.95) In Stock
 Add on Bowl Starter Set of 4 ($289.45) In Stock
This starter set of turning tools contains a 1" roughing out gouge, a 3/4" skew chisel, a 1/2" spindle gouge, and a 1/4" parting tool. It's a good basic selection. The tools cover all the fundamental operations, the sizes are right for typical turning work.

The Bowl starter set is meant to build on the basic starter set and includes 1/4" and 1/2" bowl gouges, a 1" radius scraper and a 3/4" shear scraper. You'll still need the tools in the starter set for your bowl turning, but these additional tools will be needed, especially to work the inside of your piece.

Except where noted all tools are made of high speed steel (HSS) and are sold handled. Tony Iles hand finishes each and every turning tool himself and is proud that every tool is shipped with its surfaces ground and edges broken. These are tools that will feel wonderful in the hand, with a heft makes them feel very solid - a real aid in turning. All the tools are shipped sharp and ready to use, although we fully expect many of you to customize the grinds to your particular working methods.

For more information on Ashley Iles - tools in the old tradition, Click here. All Ashley Iles Tools are made in England.
Customer Reviews:
Thought I Already Had a Good Set of Tools
By: Leigh McQueen (Feb, 2017)
Although new to woodturning, I wanted to outfit my shop with first-rate tools. I picked up a set from a highly rated tool-maker, but found that I was not satisfied. I stumbled upon TFW's website during a web search and was very impressed and was drawn to the description of the Ashley Iles tools. So I decided to give them a try and have not put them down since. The tools are top-notch. Great weight and balance, very nicely machine, razor sharp out of the box. I started turning pens in November, having turned about 20 now in both wood and acrylics - the majority with the Iles tools. I have a set of carbides and the other set of high speed steel tools but I won't use anything other than my Ashley Iles woodturning tools.
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