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The Gramercy Tools 14" Sash Saw Kit

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Elsewhere in our catalogue we are offering the Gramercy Tools 14" Sash saw, (see below for link) but we know some of you will want to get a chance to use that very special short end of timber you have in a drawer to customize your own saw. This kit comes with the following: a hand-set and hand-sharpened blade set in a brass back; a pair of saw nuts; and a full size handle template with some basic instructions that you can follow to make your own handle, or as a starting point for your own customization. The blade comes hand sharpened to cut well for both ripping and crosscutting hardwood. Unlike the finished saws the saw blades, DO NOT come with the Gramercy Tools saw etch. You can download a copy of the instructions for building the kit here. A split nut driver for tightening the saw nuts is recommended and can be made up yourself or is available separately. Among the innovations we are introducing with our saw is that the saw screws use a bronze lock washer so that you can easily use round holes for the screws and not have to chop square mortises. This is a departure from tradition but it greatly simplifies saw construction with no compromise in functionality. See below for a link to our split nut screwdriver, and for our saw handle maker�s rasp.
Made in the USA.
Customer Reviews:
Great Saw
By: Rob Thomas (Mar, 2015)
I bought this kit as well as the dovetail saw kit hoping to save a few bucks and make my own saw handles. I used the template found in the booklet provided in the kit which can also be found online in the description. It is recommended to use a drill press for the location of the bolt holes but I used a brace and bit and everything turned out well enough. My only complaint about the template is that once the handle was completed it turned out to be a smidgen too small. I can still use it but I am planning on making new one that is slightly bigger. As far as the saw goes it is extremely light and cuts extremely well. I have been making a side table with a drawer with this saw and I was able to dimension the aprons and drawer parts with this saw alone (I had to use a larger rip saw to cut the legs to length). Cutting with the grain is a joy and cutting across the grain is impressive. I can't believe how fast this saw cuts and it catches me by surprise every time I use it. With a thin 0.02" thin plate is leaves a fine kerf and precision cuts are made easily with this saw. My only complaint with the saw is that there was one tooth which was over set and was getting "snagged" in the cut. I simply tapped it with a 12oz hammer on an anvil and the problem was solved. I would advise any one who is purchasing this kit or the the dovetail kit to buy the split nut driver and maybe even an extra set of saw nuts and bolt because I destroyed my saw nuts by using a homemade split nut driver by grinding a screwdriver.
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