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Festool T 15 Impact Drill

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Festool T 15 Impact Drill
Festool T 15 Impact Drill - The impact drill can be used with the right angle Centrotec attachment (not included)
Festool T 15 Impact Drill

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4 impact tips Phillips size 3, 1 Torx 25 (#498918)4 impact tips Phillips size 3, 1 Torx 25 (#498918)cancel 4 impact tips Phillips size 3, 1 Torx 25 (#498918) ($16.00) In Stock
The major difference between a regular drill and an impact drill is that in an impact drill the drill shaft is isolated from the motor and basically what the motor does is bang at the shaft with lots of short blows. Sort of the same effect as using a hammer to drive a nail. You can't push a nail in with your arm, but banging at it with lots of blows of a hammer stores up force in the hammer and pushes the nail further down each time. The impact drill's thousands of little bangs can drive a very very large screw, really fast. In addition because we are driving the shaft with blows and not with continuous force we don't have the problem where the driven screw fights back and the drill twists in our arm. So for any application where you need a lot of torque like driving tapcons, big lag bolts, and things like that, the impact drill is the way to go.

The TI 15 combines the benefits of a powerful, long-running impact driver with capability of a standard drill-driver. You can effortlessly drive an 8" lag bolt into solid wood, and then switch over to drive a normal sized screw into a tricky corner. The drill is part of the FastFix system and can use all the FastFix chucks. The TI 15 is the only tool that can go from impact mode to high-speed drill, to right-angle drill, then back again in seconds. The brushless motor is at the cutting edge of electronic motor technology and the drill and the batteries come with a three year warrenty.

The main full kit comes with the drill body, 2 batteries, charger, Keyless and Centrotec Chucks, Centrotec impact bit holder, packed in a systainer 1. If you already have other Festool Lithium 3.0 amp drills you might want to consider getting the basic set which is just a drill body and an Centrotec impact bit set in a systainer 3. No batteries or chargers or other chucks are included. The thought is that you can consolidate your other drill in the systainer 3 and share batteries and a charger.

We are also stocking hardened driver tips in Phillips and Torq for use with the drill. All the tip sets come in a handy clip on holder. The tips are all 1" long.

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