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Festool Batteries and Chargers for Cordless Tools

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Festool Batteries and Chargers for Cordless ToolsFestool Batteries and Chargers for Cordless Toolscancelleft arrowright arrow
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18V Batteries
 Bluetooth enabled 18V Li 4.0AH (#205036) ($125.00) In Stock
 Bluetooth enabled 18V Li 5.2Ah (#202480) ($135.00) In Stock
Batteries for Cordless Sanders
 18V 3.1Ah ERGO Bluetooth Battery (for sanders) (#202498) ($115.00) In Stock
Chargers for 18V Cordless Drills, Sanders, & Saws
 Quick Charger Airstream SCA 8 (#200313) ($105.00) In Stock
 Quick Charger TCL 6 (#201138) ($79.00) In Stock
Batteries and Chargers for CXS Drills
 10.8v Battery - 2.6Ah Li-Ion - Compatible with all CXS drills (#500243) ($73.00) In Stock
 MXC Charger for CXS Battery (#497497) ($69.00) In Stock
15V Batteries for Older C & T Model Drills
 15V Battery - 5.2Ah Li-Ion - C15/T15/Ti15/Syslight (#500530) ($105.00) In Stock
Festool's high-tech power the expanding range of cordless saws, drills, and lights. Festool has switched fully to Lithium Ion Batteries because they provide more power for their size and weight. As an added benefit, Li-Ion batteries have no memory and do not need to be fully cycled.

CBattery Compatibility
18v Compact Battery - 2.6Ah Li-Ion are compatible with Festool Drills, and JigSaws, as well as Syslights. The compact battery is lighter weight but not compatible with the TSC55 track saw.

18v - 5.2Ah Li-Ion is compatible with all Festool 18v tools, including the TSC55 Track Saw, Syslights.

15V Battery - 5.2Ah Li-Ion works with all Festool 15v tools, and Syslights, and can be used in the TSC55 in a pinch - although it will reduce the power output of the saw.

Charger Compatibility
The TCL3 (#499412) Charger works with all Festool Slide in Flat Pack Batteries including: Lithium Ion (Li), Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), and Nickel Metal-Hydride (NiMH). And is compatible with batteries for the C12, C15, C18, T12, Ti15, T15, T18, BHC, PDC, Carvex, TSC 55, and Syslight.

The MXC Charger works with the CXS Drill. The Charger works with both the old and new style batteries.

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