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Camellia Oil

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In Japan, which has a humid climate, it’s customary for woodworkers to apply a thin coat of Camellia oil to the steel to protect it from rust. Camellia oil is a light, natural oil that is also used as a traditional hair tonic for women. It is also used to lubricate tools when chopping deep mortises, planing, and sawing. The light oil doesn’t stain the wood and it lubricates far better than wax. The traditional way to apply the oil is to use an aburatsubo or oil pot which was made out of a section of bamboo and filled with a roll of cloth. This way you can quickly wipe a thin layer of oil without any mess or getting your hands oily. We carry the modern, plastic equivalent. Filled with a wick that holds a lot of oil, it unscrews in the middle for filling and the cover screws tight. I keep one in the shop for lubricating saws, to oil tools after sharpening with waterstones and for general protection. I keep another one in my big toolbox where I store my tool collection so that after someone (usually me) handles the tool I can easily reapply a protective coat of oil and keep my tools from rusting. Made in Japan.

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