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Clifton 3/8" Bullnose Rebate Plane

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  Shoulder and Rebate Planes
Clifton 3/8" Bullnose Rebate PlaneClifton 3/8" Bullnose Rebate Planecancelleft arrowright arrow
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Code: EE-635-4500.XX
 Clifton 3/8" Bullnose Rebate Plane ($99.95) In Stock
 Replacement Blade ($27.95) In Stock
Based on the hard to find Preston classic 3/8" rabbet plane this is one of those inexpensive tools that does one job, one job only, and does it really well. The tool is beefier than the Preston original and has a fairly fine mouth and a thick blade. I'm kind of glad Clifton kept the wedge just like the prototype. What you do is set the blade, keep the blade set, and store it in your toolbox ready to use. It's also small enough so that one handed operation is a snap which is great when you have to plane a bump in the back of a carcass.
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