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BT&C 4/4 Wood Glue

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Brooklyn Tool & Craft | Glue, Shellac, Planing Stocks and Brushes
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  Glue and Adhesives
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Brooklyn Tool & Craft's 4/4 Wood Glue is a wonderful white PVA glue that is ideal for interior joinery applications. This glue used to be available only to large furniture factories but is finally now available in sizes appropriate for the amateur and custom cabinet shops.

4/4, pronounced “four-four,” goes on easily, is easy to spread, offers superior bond strength with a strong initial tack, and in thin coats dry virtually clear.

While we think of PVA (polyvinyl acetate) adhesives as non-traditional, these glues have been in use since the early middle of the 20th century. Our glue is a throwback to the time when PVA glue was only available to industry. Up to now it has only been available in giant sized pails and drums for industrial woodworking companies. But the same features that make it attractive to manufacturing make it desirable to all woodworkers.

  • High strength: Yup!
  • Fast set up. If you are working in your basement or in a cabinet shop, you want to be able to clamp something up, and then after a fairly short amount of time - 30 minutes - take off the clamps and clamp something else up.
  • Easy clean up. 4/4 wood glue is thinner and easier to spread than most of its competition. Applying a thin layer is much easier -- and so is clean up. A wet rag will clean up most of the glue.
  • Clear drying. Thin layers of the glue will dry nice and unobtrusive.

The glue’s open time is approximately 5 minutes depending on the material. Clamps can usually be removed after 30 minutes; full strength comes overnight.

As with PVA glues in general, most stains will not penetrate excess glue.

Non-toxic. Cleans up with water.

Do not let freeze.

Made in the USA.
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Good glue, very fast set up
By: Keith (Aug, 2022)
This glue works great. Super fast set up. You really need to have everything ready to go. Using this glue, I just do a few pieces at at time so I can keep up with the fast drying time. Dries clear, which is a plus. I would recommend this glue for sure.
I own this product.
Should not ship to cold climates
By: Brian LaShomb (Mar, 2022)
I added a bottle of this to try in my last order. It arrived completely coagulated. I noticed on the bottle “Do not allow to freeze”. The online listing doesn’t mention this, so it probably got too cold in shipping.
I own this product.
By: MT (Feb, 2020)
They are not fooling around. This sets so quickly I actually struggle to get a thin coating on quick enough. It is thin enough that it will squeeze out everywhere if you put on too much. But once you adjust to it, it's awesome!
I own this product.
The glue I needed
By: Mike (Feb, 2020)
This glue fits my workflow perfectly. I glue in stages, my joinery is pretty good, and in my small shop I really can't afford to have things in clamps all day long. I like the short open time and quick tack. It does dry clear and is easy to clean.
I own this product.

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