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Blue Spruce Skew Chisels

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Blue Spruce Skew Chisels
Blue Spruce Skew Chisels
Blue Spruce Skew Chisels
Blue Spruce Skew Chisels
Blue Spruce Skew Chisels - Purchase any 4 or more Blue Spruce Chisels (dovetail, bench, or skew-pair) and get a FREE Made in USA canvas Chisel Roll worth $24.95!

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1/4" Matched Skew Pair1/4" Matched Skew Paircancel 1/4" Matched Skew Pair ($180.00) Sold Out
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Blue Spruce has made the finest quality skew chisel pair available today. Supplied as a pair, the 1/4" width is the perfect size to precisely trim joinery. We find skew chisels exceptionally useful along end grain where the skewed blade presents an effectively lower bevel angle. The angled edge is also quite nearly necessary for fitting of half blind joinery, such as dovetails, or half blind mitres. Complimenting the naturally useful skewed blade, the sides of the chisel are machined with a concave edge that allows the chisel to be inserted into ridiculously small spaces.

A2 tool steel is a great steel for chisels. It sharpens quickly, and holds a very sharp edge. As skew chisels are commonly used in tight situations, we tend to use them in "unconventional" ways. Prying with a chisel is never recommended, but with skews - so goes it. We've found the 60 HRC hardness of the Blue Spruce Skew Chisels (and all of Blue Spruce's chisels) to meet our needs quite nicely. Neither too brittle, nor to difficult to sharpen. The Blue Spruce skews resist abuse, and are easy to maintain.

Blue Spruce has set its self apart from other manufacturers by ensuring the absolute quality of their work. The Acrylic Impregnated handles have a satin feel in the hand (and are more stable, and stronger than untreated wood). The brass ferrule compliments the handle, and the side edges are as thin as they possibly could be without posing a danger to your fingers.

Skew Chisels are a tool most of us buy well into our woodworking careers. As an experienced woodworker you already know that it's a better value to buy a great tool once, than a mediocre tool twice. Blue Spruce Skews are great tools, and a once in a lifetime purchase.

Blade Dimensions:
1/4" (6.4) Width by 4" (102mm) Long

SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase 4 or More Blue Spruce Chisels (any combination of Bench, Dovetail, or Skew Pair) and get a FREE Tools for Working Wood Canvas Chisel Roll. The roll is the same one we typically sell for $24.95 - Free! Made in the USA sewn from heavy canvas and thick industrial sewing thread the chisel roll holds a full set of 16 chisels. A great way to store you newly purchased chisels.

Blue Spruce Chisels come serviceably sharp and with a precisely flat back. Out of the box we honed our own workshop set on a 4000/8000 grit water stone and achieved a hair splitting edge within minutes.

Blue Spruce Skew Chisels are Made in the USA.

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