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Blue Spruce Dovetail Chisels

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Blue Spruce Dovetail Chisels
Blue Spruce Dovetail Chisels
Blue Spruce Dovetail Chisels
Blue Spruce Dovetail Chisels
Blue Spruce Dovetail Chisels
Blue Spruce Dovetail Chisels
Blue Spruce Dovetail Chisels - Purchase any 4 or more Blue Spruce Chisels (dovetail, bench, or skew-pair) and get a FREE Made in USA canvas Chisel Roll worth $24.95!
Blue Spruce Dovetail Chisels - Comparison of Dovetail Chisel (Top) and Bench Chisel (Bottom) side Profiles.
Blue Spruce Dovetail Chisels - Side Profile

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1/8" Dovetail Chisel1/8" Dovetail Chiselcancel 1/8" Dovetail Chisel ($95.00) In Stock
3/16" Dovetail Chisel3/16" Dovetail Chiselcancel 3/16" Dovetail Chisel ($95.00) In Stock
1/4" Dovetail Chisel1/4" Dovetail Chiselcancel 1/4" Dovetail Chisel ($95.00) Sold Out
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5/16" Dovetail Chisel5/16" Dovetail Chiselcancel 5/16" Dovetail Chisel ($95.00) In Stock
3/8" Dovetail Chisel3/8" Dovetail Chiselcancel 3/8" Dovetail Chisel ($95.00) Sold Out
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7/16" Dovetail Chisel7/16" Dovetail Chiselcancel 7/16" Dovetail Chisel ($95.00) In Stock
1/2" Dovetail Chisel1/2" Dovetail Chiselcancel 1/2" Dovetail Chisel ($95.00) In Stock
5/8" Dovetail Chisel5/8" Dovetail Chiselcancel 5/8" Dovetail Chisel ($100.00) In Stock
3/4" Dovetail Chisel3/4" Dovetail Chiselcancel 3/4" Dovetail Chisel ($105.00) In Stock
1" Dovetail Chisel1" Dovetail Chiselcancel 1" Dovetail Chisel ($110.00) In Stock
The Blue Spruce Dovetail chisel has been designed as the ultimate tool for presion fitting of joinery. From the concave side bevel, to the beautiful acrylic filled maple handles, and A2 blade, every aspect of these tools has been refined to add beauty, elegance or performance.

The measure of a dovetail chisel is often its side edge - or lack there of. At only a few thousandths thick - the side edge of the Blue Spruce Dovetail chisel provides more clearance than any chisel we have used. In fact, its concave bevel actually provides more clearance than a round-back dovetail chisel. The thin blade does not taper in thickness. One of our main complaints with dovetail chisels in general (but not with these) is that the blades are made so thin that they flex under hard use. The concave machined sides appear to have solved this complaint, as they provide an absolute of clearance while leaving a substantial, and stiff blade that is un-afraid of end grain

Blue Spruce Dovetail chisels are made from A2 steel hardened and tempered to 60 HRC for an excellent mix of edge retention, ultimate sharpness, and sharpen-ability. The chisel is constructed with a traditional tang and brass ferrule, and may be struck lightly with a mallet. The fitting together, and overall finish of Blue Spruce Chisels have drawn comparisons to luxury cars. As NYC subway strap hangers we're at a loss as to what that means specifically, but if a Rolls Royce is as nicely constructed as a Blue Spruce Chisel... hot damn!

SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase 4 or More Blue Spruce Chisels (any combination of Bench, Dovetail, or Skew Pair) and get a FREE Tools for Working Wood Canvas Chisel Roll. The roll is the same one we typically sell for $24.95 - Free! Made in the USA sewn from heavy canvas and thick industrial sewing thread the chisel roll holds a full set of 16 chisels. A great way to store you newly purchased chisels.

Blue Spruce Chisels come serviceably sharp and with a precisely flat back. Out of the box we honed our own workshop set on a 4000/8000 grit water stone and achieved a hair splitting edge within minutes.

Blue Spruce Dovetail Chisels are Made in the USA.

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