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Blue Spruce Bench Chisels

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  Blue Spruce Toolworks
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 Blue Spruce 1/8" Bench Chisel ($115.00) Sold Out
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Blue Spruce has designed a chisel that combines the three most important aspects of a fine chisel: High quality steel properly heat treated, a low side edge, and sturdy construction. Each chisel is machined from A2 tool steel hardened and tempered to 60 HRC. That makes for a blade that will get sharp, and stay sharp. The full tapered tang, and steel ferrule fit the blade to a dense, figured maple handle that has been impregnated with acrylic. The acrylic fills every cell of the wood, making it more durable, and stable while maintaining the the unique beauty of the natural material. In the hand, the satin feel of the handles is superb.

We found the handle length perfect for striking with a mallet, or paring with a one or two handed grip. When working in corners or dovetails the exceptionally low side edges are so thin, that the chisel can be run right up into the corner of a 4:1 dovetail without denting. In fact, the low edge profile is so much thinner than most chisels, that we found ourselves needing to loosen our grip while sharpening or risk our fingers! But that's hardly a complaint.

Once upon a time we offered a range of sizes, but our supply has dwindled down to just the 1/8" size. Get one of these perfectly balanced, expertly constructed, and carefully assembled chisels while you still can.

Blue Spruce Chisels come serviceably sharp and with a precisely flat back. Out of the box we honed our own workshop set on a 4000/8000 grit water stone and achieved a hair splitting edge within minutes.

Blue Spruce bench chisels are made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews:
Blue Spruce chisels
By: Richard Satre (Jun, 2018)
Starting buying these when I could not get the Isles chisels in sizes I needed. Won't be buying anything else now. These feel right in the hand. cut well. and made in the USA. Have may of the bench and butt sizes
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