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Brusso Lid Supports

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 JB-250 - Small - 2 7/8" long, requires 1/4" mortise x 1/2" deep. ($38.95) In Stock
 JB-280 - Large - 4 5/16" long, requires 3/8" mortise x 3/4" deep. ($49.03) In Stock
There are bunches of ways of making sure a box can't open all the way. Brusso stop hinges and quadrant hinges are two ways of doing it. But there are tradeoffs in all these hinges. Stop hinges are very plain. Quadrant hinges look cool, but can be installed only in the corner of a box. These solid brass lid supports offer another cool way of holding a lid open. They also offer the advantage of a bit greater leeway in how far open the box can be set. If you have a lot of boxes to do, a simple router jig will make installation a snap - much easier than installing quadrant hinges. The rounded ends of the guide make it much easier to install these supports with a router than by hand. All you do is route a slot for the guide, and screw it in a side of the case, then drill a hole for the brace pivot in the lid, and glue the pivot into the lid. To install without a router, make the slot by drilling at each end of the mortise layout and then chiseling out the waste between the drilled holes. Mounting screws are included.

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Available in solid brass only.

Brusso Hardware is Made in the USA.
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Bruno 2" box hinge.
By: Kurt Krause (Sep, 2019)
From my own limited,but rewarding experience, Brusso box hinges fill a niche where neither quadrant hinges,butt hinges or knife hinges will do.They deserve proper treatment especially on figured hardwoods or exotics.There is no reason not to treat the humble, but beautiful, pines to them as well.
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