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Behlen Water Base Grain Filler

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Behlen Wood Finishing Products
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 B744-0036 - Mahogany ($19.95) In Stock(MSDS)
If you want a smooth, closed-grain finish on open grain woods like oak, mahogany and cherry, you will need to use a grain filler. This one applies easily, levels smoothly, dries in a couple of hours and sands to a finishing grit smoothness. It's also environmentally friendly, since it's low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), nonflammable and cleans up easily with water and detergents. It accepts any Behlen water base stain or varnish, and comes three shades that really showcase the grain.

To level the filler, apply it with our spreader and then wipe away excess filler with burlap or Stockinette. Sold in 1 quart containers.

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